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AFRICA – Saving the African Elephant

Republic of Congo
Ecosystem Management of the Periphery of Nouabale-Ndoki National Park
Protection of elephant and large mammal populations from poaching and illegal trade through increased patrolling, training for enforcement personnel, development of an informer network, and outreach to local communities.
Wildlife Conservation Society

Protecting African Forest Elephants
Protection of elephant populations from poaching and illegal trade through increased patrolling, implementation of the MIST system, training of enforcement personnel, monitoring of vehicle traffic, trial use of sniffer dogs and evaluation of concession wildlife management.
Wildlife Conservation Society

Elephant Partners
Development of a database of elephant photographs and histories, and training of local scouts and volunteers to collect elephant data and produce related educational materials.

Increasing Security for Elephants
Protection of elephant populations through organization of the Nasuulu Community Conservancy, recruitment and training of conservancy rangers and aerial surveillance.
Northern Rangelands Trust

Kenya & Tanzania
Transborder Conservation Initiative
Collaborative program to protect and conserve elephant and lion populations, address elephant/lion conflict, and increase community participation in and benefits derived from wildlife conservation.
African Conservation Centre/SORALO

Ruvuma Elephant Conservation Project
Aerial survey and questionnaire survey to determine elephant population status and threats, and stakeholder workshops and meetings to determine protection strategy, game scout patrol training and implementation of the MOMS reporting and database system.
PAMS Foundation/Wildlife Conservation Society

Protecting Elephants and Elephant Corridors
Documentation of elephant distribution and movement patterns, negotiation of conservation easements to protect elephant corridors and dispersal areas, recruitment and training of community game scouts.
Wildlife Conservation Society

AFRICA – Other

Congo Basin
Training for Women in Conservation
Support for women working in conservation to attend training courses and workshops.
World Wildlife Fund

Conservation Justice
Investigation of the illegal wildlife trade and support for apprehension and prosecution of wildlife traffickers.
Wildlife Conservation Society

Amboseli Research and Conservation Program
Ecological research and monitoring within the Amboseli ecosystem with an emphasis on the effects of drought on wildlife and livestock.
African Conservation Centre

Support for Community-based Conservation
Development of for new approaches, associations and coalitions to support community-based conservation and facilitate increased coordination among community-based organizations and NGOs.
African Conservation Centre

Lion Guardians
Community-based monitoring of lions to understand movement patterns and population trends, mitigate lion-livestock conflict and prevent retaliatory killing of lions.
Panthera Corporation

New Protected Area Program
Community-based program to protect and restore forest fragments supporting endangered endemic plant species, including designation as new protected areas and development of local management capacity.
Missouri Botanical Garden

Beza Mahafaly Special Reserve
Interdisciplinary ecological, socioeconomic, and agricultural research in collaboration with local community associations to facilitate protection of the reserve and improve the welfare of adjacent communities.
University of Antananarivo School of Agronomy