Liz Claiborne Art Ortenberg Foundation

Country and Patagonian Coast Programs
Implementation of the comprehensive coastal zone resource management plan for Patagonia, and continuation of associated ecological research and public education programs.
Wildlife Conservation Society

Patagonia Sea and Sky Program
Development of a management regime for the Patagonian large marine ecosystem, including a legal and policy framework and corresponding monitoring and enforcement mechanisms.
Wildlife Conservation Society


Jaguar Conservation Program
Assessment of the distribution, status, structure and connectivity of jaguar populations and the circumstances of jaguar-livestock conflict in Columbia, Suriname, French Guiana, Belize and the Caatinga and Pantanal regions of Brazil.
Panthera Corporation

Jaguar Research Grant Program
Support for research that will increase understanding of jaguar behavior and ecology as well as develop the professional capacity of biologists who can assist jaguar conservation in the future.
Panthera Corporation

Jaguar Conservation Program
Assessment of the distribution, status, and conservation needs of extant jaguar populations in the Selva Maya and the Corazon del Corredor regions of Mesoamerica, and development of conservations strategies to ensure connectivity between populations.
Wildlife Conservation Society


General Support
Support for reproductive health programs in Latin America and the Caribbean.
International Planned Parenthood Federation

George Schaller Fellowship
Graduate fellowships for international students in the Resilience and Adaptation Graduate Program at the University of Alaska Institute of Arctic Biology.
University of Alaska - Fairbanks