Liz Claiborne Art Ortenberg Foundation

Wildlife Conservation
Grazing Allotment Purchase Program
Negotiation of retirement of grazing leases subject to chronic predator/livestock conflict and provision of alternative grazing arrangements or other appropriate compensation.
National Wildlife Federation

Community-based Ecological Monitoring — Montana
Implementation of long-term, community-based monitoring of carnivore populations in the Swan Valley and identification of wildlife corridors connecting the Mission and Bob Marshall Wilderness ecosystems.
Northwest Connections

Transboundary Grizzly Bear Project — Montana & Alberta, Canada
Assessment of grizzly habitat-use and ranging patterns to identify habitat corridors between the South Purcell, South Selkirk and Cabinet/Yaak Ecosystems.
University of Montana/US Fish & Wildlife Service

Wolverine Research Project — Central Idaho
Research to assess the spatial and temporal interaction between winter recreation and wolverine habitat use.
Round River Conservation Studies

Yaak Headwaters Restoration Project — Yaak Valley, Montana
Road and culvert removal and restoration of aquatic habitat to facilitate conservation of native redband rainbow and the westslope cutthroat trout in the upper Yaak River drainage.
Yaak Valley Forest Council

Land and Resource Management
General Support — Montana
Production of Home Ground Radio, a weekly radio interview program addressing social, cultural, economic, and land-use issues in the West, and on-the-ground support for community-based conservation and land-management efforts in selected agricultural watersheds.
Artemis Common Ground

General Support — Montana
Protection of private land conservation values in western Montana through conservation easements and public acquisitions.
Five Valleys Land Trust

General Support — Montana
Building private and public sector support for private land conservation and securing supporting legislation and policies.
Montana Association of Land Trusts

General Support — Montana
Protection of private land conservation values in critical watersheds and wildlife corridors through conservation easements.
Montana Land Reliance

General Support — Swan Valley, Montana
Community outreach to engage local residents in land and resource management planning and decision-making.
Swan Ecosystem Center

General Support — Clark Fork/Pend Oreille Basin, Montana
Oversight of Superfund programs to ensure restoration and protection of water quality and fisheries, and create a model for interdependent ecological restoration, economic redevelopment and cultural revitalization in the upper Clark Fork River watershed.
Clark Fork Coalition

General Support — Lolo and Clearwater National Forests, Montana
Statewide advocacy and coalition building addressing protection of wilderness areas in the northern Bitterroot Mountains.
Great Burn Study Group

Idaho Roadless Rule — Statewide
Advocacy and coalition building to facilitate implementation of the Idaho Roadless Rule.
Great Burn Study Group

Forest and Travel Plan Campaign — Montana
Statewide advocacy and coalition building to ensure protection for Wilderness Study Areas and roadless lands is included in National Forest plan revisions and travel plans, and in resource management plan revisions for BLM lands.
Montana Wilderness Association

General Support — Montana
Statewide advocacy and grassroots organizing focusing on protection of water quality and the regulation of mining and oil and gas development.
Northern Plains Resource Council

Collaboration Models — Interior West
Policy analysis, technical support, advocacy, and public outreach in support of four model collaborative resource management initiatives.
The Wilderness Society

General Support — Yaak Valley, Montana
Management planning, advocacy, and public education to secure permanent protection for remaining roadless areas in the Yaak Valley and to encourage economic development based on ecological restoration and production of value-added forest products.
Yaak Valley Forest Council

Curriculum Enrichment — Swan Valley, Montana
Development of model rural primary school curricula including preschool, gifted & talented, music, and drama programs.
Seeley Lake Elementary School

Curriculum Enrichment — Swan Valley, Montana
Core support for music program.
Swan Valley Elementary School

General Support — Montana
Statewide radio programming.
Yellowstone Public Radio KEMC/KBMC

Other – United States

Liz Claiborne Center for Medical Humanism — New York, NY
Implementation of patient services and training for medical staff to improve patient health and well-being and integrate principles of palliative care into every day medical practice.
New York Presbyterian Hospital Division of Geriatric Medicine