The Foundation supports on-the-ground conservation in selected globally significant wildlife landscapes in North and South America, Africa and Asia.  We focus on terrestrial landscapes that support a wide range of biodiversity, and seek conservation solutions that serve the needs of both nature and people.

While most of the Foundation’s work is outside North America, we support conservation efforts in the trans-boundary Rocky Mountains, one of the largest and most intact wildlife landscapes in the United States and Canada.  Other sites and species of long term interest to the Foundation include Central and East Africa, Madagascar, tiger strongholds in Asia, and jaguar habitats in Central and South America.

We recognize that the conservation of endangered species and their habitats requires a long-term commitment by government leaders, local communities, non-profits, the private sector, and funders.  Threats to wildlife and wildlands can rise, ebb, and evolve over time. We work to address the full range of issues that threaten the ability of wildlife and people to co-exist and thrive, with a particular emphasis on strategies that strengthen community-based conservation.